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Environmental websites for kids

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Many parents are concerned that their children spend too much time indoors on the computer. This time is put to good use, however, when children learn how to become stewards of their environment.

By Greg Seaman Posted Mar 5, 2009

There are a wealth of fun, creative and informative websites for children. Here are Eartheasy’s recommendations:

EekoWorld – A new PBS website teaches kids ages 6 to 9 how they can help take care of the earth. Animated characters use games and activities to present facts about ecosystems and pollution. Children can build their own “EekoCreature” and help it overcome environmental problems.

Nature Challenge for Kids – This David Suzuki Foundation website starts out with ten simple ways you can protect nature, followed by four challenge activities that offer first-hand experience with the natural world. The “Cool Links” page connects with other environmental websites.

Kids Planet – Species fact sheets, “wild games”, web of life, how kids can help defend the environment, even a Wildlife Adoption Center.

Kids Regen – A place for children to interact with other kids, play, and have fun while learning the important connections between healthy soil/environment, healthy food, and healthy people. is part of The Rodale Institute’s Youth Educational Program.

The Green Squad – This NRDC website shows how to identify and solve environmental problems. Explore a colorful virtual school room by room, and use the mouse to locate potential hazards. Site offers a wide range of fact sheets and environmental resources.

Global Warming Kids Site – This EPA site explains what global warming is and what causes it, and what you can do to help stop it. Educational but not overwhelming, the site provides definitions of each scientific term used and features simple global warming-themed games.

Recycle City – Click on any section of Recycle City that you want to tour, or click on the Dumptown Game. You can create your own Recycle City scavenger hunt or go to the Activities area and see other ways you can explore Recycle City. A great way for kids to learn the basics of recycling.

Planet Slayer – “Greena, the Worrier Princess” is an animated Australian teenager with a sense of purpose — to save the earth. Visitors will have fun watching cartoons about her environmental adventures and playing the Planet Slayer game.

Environmental Education for Kids – EEK!, an online magazine for grades four to eight, contains articles and activities about animals, plants and environmental issues.

EPA Student Center – Offers information on a wide range of environmental issues. This site includes a section on environmental careers. Or, click on “Fun Activities” to play environmental games.

Kids Saving Energy – Games, tips, facts and information for kids to learn how to save energy. Published by the US Department of Energy.

Children of the Earth – Promotes a greater understanding and respect for animals, plants, water, soil, air and energy systems. Helps children comprehend the positive and negative environmental effects of our actions.

Flying WILD – A bird education offering for middle schools giving students the opportunity to learn through researching, planning, and hosting a school bird festival. Flying WILD is an initiative of the Council for Environmental Education (CEE) Project WILD program.

Treetures – The “Treetures” are tiny guardians of the forest who teach about trees and how important they are to the environment. Try out tree-themed activities, listen to the Treeture theme song, or send a TreeMail message to your favorite character.

Green Guide for Kids – Provides children, their families and teachers with information, projects and solutions to help keep the planet green. It also exposes readers to environmental issues around the world as well as right in their own backyard.

Earth Matters 4 Kids – Earth Matters correlates science with basic environmental principles, helping teachers, students (K-6) and community members gain a full understanding of how science works in natural surroundings, by bringing a virtual natural world into the classroom. – This resource, more for young adults than children, is a guide to learning how to chart a course to become an environmental scientist.

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  • claire datnow

    I applaud your excellent website packed with useful information. I am also passionate about encouraging kids to become wise stewards of nature. My novel, The Adventures of the Sizzling Six with a strong environmental theme will, I hope, inspire young readers.

  • BSM

    you say at the top of this page, "…concerned that their children spend too much time indoors on the computer" – but then you have a photo of a small girl in beautiful outdoor setting staring at a laptop. Quite ironic. Would be nice if you used a better image.

  • Koko Jojo

    Hi I am a young teen and i am looking for some websites that talk about the enviroment, how to help, ect, that are age appropiate for me (not too young or above my head). It would be useful, because i am extremley concerned about the enviroment. THANX!

  • Josh Johnson

    I want to start teaching my little brothers about the environment and protecting it so these will be a starting point for me I think. Thankyou

  • Kids

    This is a great site! I love using Squidoo to find stuff for my kids to read, watch, learn and play online. I found a great index of kids websites on . It has info on E-Learning, games, kids TV and software. Keep it up!

  • shelby williamson

    Are you a mother? I am just an 11 year old kid,but I love the earth. It's natural beauty is so amazing. If you have kids, let them see this website.This is my first time here.


    I love to read books mr. or ms. name not needed. I don;t even care if this site does not have games. Please, tell me what you think about my comment.

  • avelanche

    I am passionate about teaching kids to become wise stewards of the environment.It also exposes readers to environmental issues around the world as well as right in their own backyard.

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  • mark mccord

    i think they should start making new shows of the old shows like the kids next door,jimmy neutron,ans they should put ned's declassified schoo, survival guide.

  • Mary

    Don’t forget Ranger Rick! You’ll especially like his Green Zone section.

  • Norma Terrigno

    This information is phenomenal! You have gathered ENVIRONMENTAL WEBSITES for children in one sitting and made it easy for the entire world to access important information regarding caring for MOTHER EARTH. Because of the emergence of GLOBALIZATION it is now easy to provide methods for translation of sites into several languages so that teachers + parents around the globe can enter your addressess and benefit. I have documented your site on my blog for PLANET EARTH AND ENDANGERED SPECIES.

  • J’ai deja fait plusieur venues vers ici j’avoue que j’apprécie bien votre style et de tourner vos articles. Vous pouvez faire un tour sur mon post en vue de me donner votre avis… Merci

    • Amy Shortland

      I can not understand a word you have put because I like quite a lot of people can not really speak or read french!

  • Daniel Esteban

    Nice to see that kids are involved as an important part to address the environmental problem. All too often adults determine the conditions to which the problem is addressed. Maybe because many of the laws, rules, process and mean to affect the environment are made by adults and just for adult?

    There’s not enough that we have rules and laws to address the environmental problems, such as for example littering when the majority keep do what they feel like. Something else has to be done to change people’s behavior, thinking outside box. It is precisely here that the kids come in, their ability to issue new approaches on a complex problem and introduce the fun.

    Thanks for a great article

  • Amy Shortland

    This webcite is BRILLIANT! I got loads of infomation from here for homework. I recomend this webcite!

  • I know as a kid I spent far more time interacting with video games than with my parents. It helped me gain an obsession for victory and a strategic mind. Having games for the environment seems like an amazing idea, assuming the message doesn't overshadow the fun the game is supposed to provide; otherwise the kids won't be playing them long enough to learn anything.

  • BarbaraMcdalty

    It's a shame how in London schools kids do very few trips to the country side. Camping in forests etc. I'm going to have to get my kids involved in Scouts or something like this to deal with this problem

  • Stacy Jones

    My students & I are big fans of Four Green Steps, they always have fun competitions and  quick projects

  • Larry Paulin

    This is a really good website! We must all support preservation and loving our environment!! :)))

  • Environmental Education

    Great to see these websites. We can recommend them to the students we teach, and can use them as a resource.

  • sharkfire17

    I think this website is great to and I love it.

  • What a great website, thanks for the information, I cannot wait to share this with my daughter

  • Thanks, I’ll look into it.

  • Camila Do Carmo Oliveira

    As children have more and more access to technology, internet, computers, atc. It is very important to have activities and education games on the internet about this issue. The Eartheasy blog is very interesting because it allows children to have access to different ilustrative information on the environment at the same time they have fun and learn to care for the planet.

  • Alini Jussiani

    I think that is interesting to have a website directed to children, with an appropriate language that calls attention to the importante of the environment. Because children are the future of the planet and need to be engaged in issues such as sustainability and environmental preservation

  • Fábio Ortiz

    In my opinion the conscientization should happen since ever.I believe that it begins wth the children,the future will be better, because would grow more conscious that we should preserv the enviroment for having better world.

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