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Kayaker Encounters Enormous Rare Shark

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Close encounter with giant basking shark brings mix of respect and awe…

By Posted Mar 28, 2011

Kayaker meets shark In a kayak, much of the paddler’s body is actually below the surface of the water, so encounters with marine creatures are especially intimate.

In this video, the kayaker is only a short distance from the dock, in what most of us would consider a safe zone. His shark identification skills are commendable, as he seems quite casual and unperturbed about being so close to a creature twice the size of the kayak.

Paddling up close to whales or sharks is not recommended, yet this paddler went beyond the basic precaution by exiting his kayak to swim with the shark!

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  • Riggs Ranch homes

    Yikes looks scary at the same time pretty exciting! His kayak is much smaller than the shark itself..

  • Michael Stagg

    sweet! thats nuts!

    must of been cool to actually swim with it!

    Michael Stagg

  • Daryle

    How crazy is that??? Thats amazing and something that not only wont soon be forgotten but also a signal that stranger things are occurring with our marine life everyday. When I was up surveying for the community, Sun Ranch in Guanacaste, I had the opportunity to dive up there with hammerhead sharks. Now that was an experience.

  • This is a lucky dude! Good thing you didn’t end up being a meal for the shark! Lol.>

  • Steve dean

    Very rare to see a basking shark in these waters. We get a lot of them off the coast of Cornwall in the UK. they are a big fish but harmless to humans. No matter if you saw one in the water it would scare the living hell out of you.

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