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Composter Give-Away: Jora JK125 Compost Tumbler

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We are giving away one of our top-of-the-line insulated compost tumblers to an Eartheasy fan…

By Posted Jun 1, 2011

Jora JK 125 Composter
Congratulations to our winner, Robin Perry of Georgia!

If you’re not composting yet, here’s a chance to get a top-of-the-line insulated compost tumbler for free! We’re giving away one Jora JK125 composter this month to one lucky Eartheasy fan (open to residents of the US lower 48 states only).

To enter,

1. If you haven’t already, go to our Facebook page and click ‘Like’
2. Sign up for our newsletter here (you can opt out at any time).
3. Comment at the bottom of this blog post here that you ‘liked’ us on Facebook and you will be entered for the draw!

A winner will be drawn at random on June 15th.

About the Jora JK125

One of the most important features of the Jora JK125 composter is it’s twin chambers which keep fresh scraps separate from finished compost. When one chamber is full of compost, start adding compost to the second chamber while the first ‘cooks’ your scraps to compost perfection! By the time the second chamber is full, the first chamber’s rich compost should be ready to spread in your garden.

Jora JK 125 Another great feature of the Jora JK125 is it’s insulated walls. In cold climates many compost piles freeze over the winter, but thanks to the thickly insulated walls which retain heat generated from decomposing scraps, the JK125 Composter will continue working throughout winter, long after other composters have stopped completely.

There’s many more great features which can be read about here: Jora Jk125 Composter.

Congratulations to our winner, Robin Perry of Georgia! The contest is now closed.

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  • Bonnie

    I already get your newsletter! Love it and share many informative stories. Keep up the good work!

  • Janice

    Looking forward to composting!

    "liked" you on FB!!

  • Barbara Ward

    I liked you and I'm first!

  • Janice

    Looking forward to composting!

  • Very Nice! I’d love to have one. Currently composting in bins made from pallets. You should see the size of the worms!

  • Rob

    i likesd you on Facebook and signed up for the newsletters. purchased a showerhead a couple of years ago from your site and it is still working great!

  • Haley K.

    I liked you on facebook and just started composting for my vegetable garden! =)

  • Vanessa

    I want to win a composting machine so I can be a composting machine! Building a certified green home in NC and this would certainly add to my "greenness." There is no reason so much useable trash has to go in the trash and end up in landfills. Municipalities should give these out instead of more trash cans!

  • Margie

    I liked "Eartheasy" on Facebook.

  • Walton Yoder

    I liked you!

  • Caroline

    I have been thinking all week, as I've picked the rest of the arugula that I need a composter…this looks awesome!

  • Caroline

    I liked this on facebook!

  • Looks damn good.

  • liz

    liked in fb! would love to have this compost bin!

  • Amy A @CCS

    I followed all of the steps, registered for the newsletter and liked you on FB. Looks like a great prize!

  • Heather in Oregon

    Fantastic prize. "liked you on FB" and signed up for the newsletter.

  • Linda

    Love your newsletter and all the great info! You are definitely one of my favorites.

  • dustymar

    I've just celebrated my sixth anniversary of living in Phoenix and I've just moved to a property where I can begin gardening (yippee!). I have a new compost bin which I'm enriching weekly with horse poop and I expect to have some great compost by fall planting time. (Yes, folks, gardening is quite different — and challenging — here in the desert.) I'd love to win the bin — I remember testing them 25 years ago on the Rodale Institute experimental farm. Even if you don't pick me, I'm thrilled to have found you (from a link on Southwest Gardener website). 🙂

  • Lynnette

    Hello! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize. I was already connected with you on facebook; however, when I tried to subscribe to the newsletters I kept receiving an "error page." Please let me know if it went through okay!

  • Healthy Food Storage

    Liked and subscribed! Great idea for a contest, your guys rock!

  • david

    Hey I just found this website and am so impressed! I love that you are a family-owned business. I liked and subscribed to the newsletter, thanks!

  • Clint

    i liked you on facebook!

  • jen

    done and done…this would be great to have!! the trash bin method doesn't seem to be working for me! great newsletter and info!! thanks

  • Laura Carlson

    liked what I saw on facebook. Keep up the awesome work. Very welcomed site.

  • Hey I just found this website and am so impressed! I love that you are a family-owned business. I liked and subscribed to the newsletter, thanks!

  • katherine

    i have a small vermicomposter but i'm ready for more! love it, thanks!

  • Stacey

    liked on facebook and subscribed. glad i found ur site!

  • Mike

    Found your blog reading about 5 Secrets to a ‘No-work’ Garden, and loved it!

    (actually, I "liked" it on facebook too:)

  • Mama Wright

    I liked you on FB and subscribed to the newsletter! I love this website!

  • lexy3587

    I liked your fb page, and subscribed… here's hoping for the compost bin! our compost pile definitely freezes over the winter, which slows down the entire process by quite a bit!

  • Marsha

    I just liked you on Facebook. I just started composting and this would be a great addition. Love the page!

  • Kathy P

    I liked you on facebook.

  • Cheryl

    Liked you on facebook. Just in time. Hubby and I have been researching compost bins. We are starting this year. Got a new rain barrel last weekend.

  • Chris

    I would love to have this composter, its awsome.

  • Diane

    Liked your facebook page

  • Penny

    "liked" on FB. I've been composting "the old fashioned way". This compost tumbler would sure make it a lot easier!!

  • Lynne

    I liked this on facebook too! LJ

  • Tressa

    Liked you on Facebook! I just moved into a new house last month and haven't started my garden yet. This would be the inspiration to get me moving!

  • Kierra

    I liked your page on facebook but in all reality I LOVE IT! Keep up the good work! That compost bin would rock my world!

  • Erin

    I liked you on facebook, and liked your newsletter before that! Thanks.

  • Kitty

    Subscribe & like on FB – Kitty Mayne

  • Guest

    I like the idea of owning a small composter. I dont subscribe to FB & probably never will.

  • Donna

    Liked it on FB. Thanks for all the great info in these newsletters.

  • Kristin

    I liked you on facebook and already get your newsletter- thanks for all the great info!

  • Micheal

    LIKE ON fb

  • zoltan

    i liked you on facebook and i love the site.

  • Sue Coleman

    I like your facebook page, your e-mail newsletters, and everything you represent. We're so happy to be affiliated with Eartheasy!!!

  • Tdixon

    I totally liked you on facebook and already subscribe to the newsletter. having that composter would be AWESOME!

  • John Cddy

    I liked you on facebook. I liked you before.

  • Quint

    I liked and presently like you as well. I am in the market for a composter and this would be a nice Father's day present to me. Thanks for all of your information.

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