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Composter Give-Away: Jora JK125 Compost Tumbler

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We are giving away one of our top-of-the-line insulated compost tumblers to an Eartheasy fan…

By Posted Jun 1, 2011

Jora JK 125 Composter
Congratulations to our winner, Robin Perry of Georgia!

If you’re not composting yet, here’s a chance to get a top-of-the-line insulated compost tumbler for free! We’re giving away one Jora JK125 composter this month to one lucky Eartheasy fan (open to residents of the US lower 48 states only).

To enter,

1. If you haven’t already, go to our Facebook page and click ‘Like’
2. Sign up for our newsletter here (you can opt out at any time).
3. Comment at the bottom of this blog post here that you ‘liked’ us on Facebook and you will be entered for the draw!

A winner will be drawn at random on June 15th.

About the Jora JK125

One of the most important features of the Jora JK125 composter is it’s twin chambers which keep fresh scraps separate from finished compost. When one chamber is full of compost, start adding compost to the second chamber while the first ‘cooks’ your scraps to compost perfection! By the time the second chamber is full, the first chamber’s rich compost should be ready to spread in your garden.

Jora JK 125 Another great feature of the Jora JK125 is it’s insulated walls. In cold climates many compost piles freeze over the winter, but thanks to the thickly insulated walls which retain heat generated from decomposing scraps, the JK125 Composter will continue working throughout winter, long after other composters have stopped completely.

There’s many more great features which can be read about here: Jora Jk125 Composter.

Congratulations to our winner, Robin Perry of Georgia! The contest is now closed.

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