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Amazing Display by Rescued Whale

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The wonders of nature exceed our comprehension and remind us of the connection between all beings in nature.

By Posted Jul 28, 2011

Whale breach While monitoring humpback whale activity in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, researchers came across a young humbpack whale caught in fishnet. After hours of effort to release the whale, the last strands of net were finally cut.

Michael Fishbach narrates this encounter with a humpback whale entangled in a fishing net. Gershon Cohen and he have founded The Great Whale Conservancy to help and protect whales.

Watch the response from the whale upon being released from the net, and wonder at the connection between all creatures sharing our earth.

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    This just proves how nature has its own way of showing appreciation and gratitude. Good thing that whale was put into good hands. Sad to say, many people were still ignorant on how to respond in situations like this and most of the time it’ll all end up people hurting those found whales instead of releasing and setting them free. Let us help each other protecting and conserving our whales. Cheers!

  • martjen

    thank you for showing us humanity at its best! i am so proud of these people.

  • Roni Leiderman

    I see another humpback whale rescue program in discover TV channel.

  • Wow, what an amazing and touching article.

  • Ravil

    my friend dedicated his life to save whales from hunters. they are like humans,

  • Thanks for sharing this article. Its awesome.Its a main thing that the whale was put into good hands. I like your post. Its very interesting.

  • Maddie

    Have you guys ever been whale watching in August?

  • Maddie

    This just proves that stupid humans are killing our whales, it is just crazy and DUMB

  • iownies

    thank goodness the whale is safe.. we are proud of you guys hope there are many kinds of people like you… good job…… ^_^

  • HealthNut

    That was a great video. The resque was a bit risky for them but the feeling must have been pretty awesome when they cut that last piece of net from the tail fin.

  • Lily

    The whale is amazingly huge and cute.

  • Hey,

    Great work! Good deed. These are the actual Humans, rest who all wish to tease, catch or kill them are should be considered as criminals and even their punishment should be same as that given for human killing. Heartiest thanks to everyone in this video. Three cheers to all of you. God bless you all. And thanks to Eartheasy for posting this.

  • Great images of the Whale- wonderful

  • Al3ab

    Humpback whales can easily be identified by their stocky bodies with obvious humps and black dorsal coloring. The head and lower jaw are covered with knobs called tubercles, which are actually hair follicles and are characteristic of the species.

  • Natasha

    Wow, that whale was very happy! Animals have intelligence and are highly perceptive. I’m not surprised he/she was so grateful. Nature and life always astound me. That video makes me smile and remember that nature is always astounding us. Thanks for posting.

  • Jin

    Whale is an animal in the air that make people like instead of dolphin, after i watched the video, the whale shows to the person who rescued and this is a shape of thank you , that was so amazing behaviour

  • Jin

    It is a great to see whale survive and the great moment is when the whale gives a response to rescuer people, it shows that whale wants to say thank you. They give a good example especially for people in order to aware how important whale is.

  • wow nice image, awesome blog nice info

  • Scott S

    OMG that’s an incredible vid thanks for posting. I just watched ‘The Cove’ which is a Cannes winning documentary about the plight of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. It’s amazing to see human beings such as Michael Fishbach giving back to the ocean community. I’m just a humble musician but if I had my time again I think marine biology and water mammal conservation would be an amazingly rewarding career path.

  • Lucy McBees

    waaw, it is awesome. Incredible picture.

  • Very nice phote, whales are one of most beautiful animals.

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