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Bear Butt in a Barrel

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Another reason rain barrels should have lids. Secure lids.

By Posted Jul 25, 2011

Bear in a barrel 1 With the combination of extreme heat and water shortages affecting much of the country, saving any available water is a sensible conservation practice. Rain barrels have come into common use in residential homes, stored on patios and under decks, or tucked away behind the shrubs. Every available drop of rainwater that hits the roof is channelled through the eavestroughs and into the rainwater storage tank. Nice.

But if you’re setting up a rainwater collection system, do it right. Securing the barrel from tipping, and adding a fitted lid are first priorities. If you already have, or are thinking of installing, a rain barrel water collection system, read our page Tips for Installing a Rainwater Collection System. These tips may save you from the surprise of confronting uninvited wildlife guests to your home, such as this cheeky black bear settling in to a backyard rain barrel.

Bear in a barrel 2









Bear in a barrel 3














Bear in a barrel 4














bear in a barrel














bear barrel














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  • maa

    Love it!!

  • hilarious

    Hahaha! He's so cute! Great pictures!

  • Christina

    Perfect place for a bath!

  • Jeremy Biberdorf

    so cute bear. very nice post…………………

  • Incredible photos! He seems to be aware of the concept of bathing; weird 😛

  • Adorable.

  • Neil Pearson

    Great pics, that's awesome!

  • christine

    Great pics!

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