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A Mesmerizing Murmuration of Starlings

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Witness a natural moment of magic…

By Posted Nov 11, 2011

As evening dulls the silver surface of the River Shannon, a sudden cloud emerges, twisting, darting, unfolding across the expanse of sky. The coal black plume dissolves to shimmering emptiness, and reforms with the racing urgency of a tornado, an impatient arc of life slicing a random natural pattern across the landscape.

Glide along with giggling canoeists Sophia Windsor and Liberty Smith and witness one of nature’s mesmerizing wonders – a ‘murmuration’ of starlings.

By day, starlings forage in small groups, but as the afternoon wears on they gather in increasing numbers over the roosting area. By dusk, rising clouds emerge, chattering and swirling, lifting thousands or even millions of birds into the darkening sky.

Seeking safety from predator sparrow hawks and peregrine falcons, each bird avoids the edge, trying to stay on the inside of the flock. Mimicking each other’s flight creates form from frenzy, and casts a spell on the silent witnesses below.



Sophia Windsor Clive and Liberty Smith comprise the filmmaking partnership called Islands and Rivers

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  • This is AMAZING!

  • Rumpelstiltskin

    Daughters of peers & society folk always get buzz.

  • Pumpkin

    That is something you dont see often…I envy the people who were there…damn!!!

  • I wish I could see something like this at least once a week. I want to show it to my children in the future. Incredible.

  • Cora@Thanksgiving

    That looks almost unbelievable…but it is. The captions are trully amazing. Thank you.

  • I've never seen it that close up, Amazing stuff!! I could watch them for hours

  • Awesome! I have not seen this before in my entire life. In fact the whole video has got a poetic feel to it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Kitty

    How amazing! Nature's choreography. Thank you for posting it.

  • A visual symphony…I’m awestruck at the intentional design that defies any notions of chaos and chance.

  • That's incredible. I hope I find something like this next year in Australia.

Blog > Connect with Nature > A Mesmerizing Murmuration of Starlings