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Vestergaard Frandsen and Eartheasy Issue Three Million Liters Challenge

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Swiss disease control technology company and online retailer—along with consumers— to give the gift of water filtration to communities in developing countries…

By Posted Mar 29, 2012

3 Million Liters Vestergaard Frandsen and Eartheasy are issuing a challenge to North American outdoors lovers. The companies are looking for nature enthusiasts’ help in providing safe water to families in developing countries, where obtaining it is often time-consuming, expensive, dangerous, and environmentally damaging.

The fundraising drive, which will run from 22 March, World Water Day, to 22 April, Earth Day, calls for donations to fund the treatment of one million liters of clean water, filtered through household water interventions (manufactured by Vestergaard Frandsen). Funds raised will be donated directly to the Rotary Club of Ft. Lauderdale, which has raised money for water filtration in resource-poor settings for four years. If fans of LifeStraw and Eartheasy donate enough money to filter one million liters by 22 April, Eartheasy and Vestergaard Frandsen will each donate another million liters, bringing the total up to 3 million liters. Those wishing to donate can do so here.

“Every day should be World Water Day,” said Martin Brody, chairman of Rotary’s water project. “The number of children, especially those under five, who die of diarrhea every day is staggering. It’s why our Rotary chapter’s water project efforts are devoted to children who are the most vulnerable to the threat of waterborne disease. All parents want to see their children grow up happy and healthy, and our safe water projects, including LifeStraw distributions, are aimed at making that a reality.”

“The Rotary Club of Fort Lauderdale has been a vital partner of Vestergaard Frandsen for the past four years and has led the charge to provide clean, safe drinking water to impoverished communities around the world,” said Paul Chen, Vestergaard Frandsen’s regional director for North America. “The Rotary Club’s new partnership with our company and Eartheasy to provide three million liters of purified water is an innovative platform that will allow consumers in the US and Canada to directly impact on the one of the most pressing problems facing the global community.”

“We challenge outdoor enthusiasts who value access to clean fresh water to help those less fortunate to access safe, clean drinking water through the contribution of a LifeStraw,” added Ben Seaman, Partner of EarthEasy.

Eartheasy and Vestergaard Frandsen are already partners in making available to North American consumers the personal, portable version of LifeStraw (see The device has proven to be a hit with hikers, campers, and other outdoors enthusiasts, as well as those who practice disaster preparedness.


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  •  It’s truly amazing what these folks are doing. We all need to do our part.

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