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Sandy and the Power of a Changing Climate

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These images of Sandy’s destruction should awaken us to the reality of climate change…

By Posted Nov 14, 2012

The intensity and duration of storms is increasing worldwide due to the effects of climate change, just as the consensus of climate scientists have forewarned. And while a long Presidential campaign has come and gone with barely a word about climate change, the images below show the beast at our very doorstep.

Those most fortunate among us may feel the threats of a changing climate can be mitigated by ‘cocooning’ in sturdy homes with backup power and provisions, by relocating to less vulnerable regions of the country, or participating in civic efforts to bolster storm defences. But as these images show, the destructive power of nature can exceed our ability to adapt. The strategies we develop to cope with climate change must include efforts to reduce the problem at the source – reducing greenhouse emissions.

These images are just a sample of a collection assembled by the Daily Mail (UK).

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  • Really sorry to see the photos, hopefully never happened again in the future. Wish all the best for sandy storm victims, be strong.

  • Aleksandar

    This is so sad, but at the end we (people) are responsible for this climate change, that is we accelerate this behavior of Mother Nature with our industry and so on. But certainly, it is easy to us to talk, which did not experience this. A beautiful place to live but subject to such phenomena. Poor people 🙁

Blog > Connect with Nature > Sandy and the Power of a Changing Climate