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How to Remove Fluoride from Water

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Two thirds of US tap water is fluoridated in the name of dental health, but concerned consumers fear unintended side effects.

By Posted May 22, 2014


Fluoride has made far more headlines than your average periodic table element…

In 1945, Grand Rapids, Michigan became the first US city to fluoridate the public water supply.  The idea quickly caught on, and the controversy began soon after: in growing numbers, a vocal minority has raised concerns about fluoride’s role in a broad range of health problems.  Fluoridation critics suggest fluoride exposure may be implicated in physical symptoms spanning gastrointestinal problems, low fertility, thyroid disease, endocrine disruption, arthritis, and cancer.  Government health advisors disagree, arguing the benefits to developing teeth outweigh any established risks.  Irrefutable evidence is hard to come by, due to the nature of the debate: in all major public health research, so many factors overlap that it can be impossible to either prove or disprove a condition’s cause.  And a controlled study (deliberately administering high doses of fluoride on selected humans for decades) would of course be unethical.

Recently, however, Harvard researchers were able to study health data for communities in China where high levels of fluoride are naturally present in the groundwater.  The resultsgive cause for unease: “the children living in high-fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those who lived in low-fluoride areas.”  The average difference was 7 points, and researcher Philippe Grandjean concluded that fluoride belongs among lead, mercury, and other poisons as a known neurotoxin and “chemical brain drain.”  Grandjean suggested the developing brain may be irreversibly damaged by fluoride exposure, and the exact “safe” thresholds, if any, are unknown.


More and more of us are ready to opt out of fluoridation.  But how can we take out these minuscule, tasteless molecules added at the treatment plant?  If you’re serious about going fluoride-free, here are a few things to consider.

What Doesn’t Reduce Fluoride Exposure

  • The most popular water filters — the inexpensive activated-carbon pitchers and tap-attachments sold under the brand names Brita and Pur — can’t remove fluoride.
  • Boiling your water won’t help, as the fluoride does not evaporate easily like chlorine; as the volume of water decreases through boiling, the fluoride concentration actually goes up.
  • Be aware that black and green tea as well as rooibos or “red tea” all contain high levels of natural fluoride; these beverages also provide beneficial antioxidants, but if you’re concerned that your overall fluoride intake may be excessive, consider reducing your tea consumption.
  • Processed beverages and foods, non-stick cookware, some pharmaceuticals, non-organic grape juice and wine, and of course fluoride toothpaste will all increase your overall fluoride consumption.

Home Fluoride-Removal Systems that Work

Berkey Water Purification System with PF2 Fluoride Filter

  • Low-tech: attractive countertop unit needs no hookups to plumbing or electrical systems.
  • Filters can be cleaned and reused for maximizing sustainability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Portable, can be used in the kitchen or off-grid to filter untreated water such as ponds and streams.
  • Broad-spectrum: gravity-fed micro-porous filtration removes pathogens, volatile organic compounds, synthetic organic chemicals, MTBE, arsenic, heavy metals, and physical contaminants from water.

This unit is our favorite because of its versatility, earth-friendliness, and overall effectiveness.  Note that the optional PF2 must be added for fluoride removal, as the Berkey on its own does not take out fluoride.

Reverse Osmosis


  • RO systems are expensive ($200-$600 for basic home models, plus $50 filter changes 1-2 times per year), and discounted department store models may use inferior membranes, compromising performance.
  • Systems require electricity to run, adding to expense and fallibility.
  • RO filters often require a technician to install, if consumer is not experienced with plumbing.
  • The RO process discards 3-5 gallons of water for every gallon filtered.

The massive waste of water alone leads us to feel reverse osmosis is not a sustainable solution for an increasingly drought-ridden time, when every drop of potable water should be considered a precious resource.

Activated Alumina

  • Frequently used in large-scale water treatment where excessive fluoride in groundwater is a problem.
  • While promoted to remove over 90% of fluoride at home, pH needs to be low and flow needs to be slow in order to achieve goals.
  • Frequent cartridge replacement to maintain effectiveness adds to initial costs.
  • Many variables make results uncertain, and repeated testing would be required to monitor system performance.

The Survival Still Water Purifier and Desalinator

  • Turn to the Survival Still when you want to be prepared for any and all possibilities, including disasters.
  • This unit can make consistently pure water from any source in an emergency, even swimming pools, ponds, or seawater.
  • Removes all contaminants including radioactive isotopes and organic pathogens.
  • Requires some energy source to boil water, but no electricity.  Works with your kitchen pots for easy storage.

Make your own solar still

  • For the adventurous and mechanically inclined, experimenting with making your own solar distiller can provide an interesting challenge.
  • Distilled water has been stripped of beneficial minerals as well as contaminants; health advisers disagree about the risks and benefits of drinking distilled water.

For those of us without the time or skills to devote to plumbing and construction, a reasonably priced and effective home filter system can seem the holy grail of clean, worry-free water.

Buying Water

  • Bottled water has been largely rejected by the environmental movement as representing a massive waste and mismanagement of resources in production, transport, and packaging.
  • Buying filtered water from water services or local stores (using reusable containers to fit a water dispenser) can be a short-term solution.  But most home filter systems will quickly pay for themselves, take up less space in your kitchen, and provide a more reliable clean water source.
  • Some packaged “spring water” can actually contain fluoride and other questionable minerals, so always review the water analysis carefully before buying.


It’s getting harder and harder to take a cool drink of water for granted.  Across the country, battles continue to rage in communities large and small over whether adding fluoride to the public water supply is a safe, common-sense public service, or a sinister act of government-sponsored health endangerment.  In Portland, Oregon, the impassioned debate centered around issues of personal choice and responsibility: if the facts are in question, who gets to decide what’s in their water?

Ultimately, Portlanders voted “no” to fluoride.  It’s a decision each family must make based on available information.  If your municipal water supply or private well contains unwanted fluoride, you have options to exercise your informed choice in your own home.


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  • disqus_V3KVVbmLVd

    Dallas, Texas voted to remove fluoride from their drinking water!

    • talon1812

      Maybe they finally woke up that supporting a losing football team like the Cowboys was mass insanity caused by dumbing down and fluoridating the water. Harvard studies prove it.
      Let the attacks commence!!!

    • Charles Pineda

      Great information. I was a young man when I learned that San Antonio was the last city to go floride, and that’s because of the cavity story. But it wasn’t the full story the scientist told the aluminium CEO’s that after 12 years of age it would affect the organs-think dementia. But they chose not to tell the people or the water companies that information, or, maybe they did, and the money for all entities involved was just too much to turn the deal down.

    • Locorogue

      how did that go? i’ll bet it didn’t happen, the feds would prob cut funding

  • Jason Forest

    great tips! i really appreciate this great post. looking forward to your next blog

  • Water is essential for health, hygiene and the productivity of our community. water treatment process may vary on the water condition that you have in your area. its better to invest on a good water treatment. it will benefit you by providing safety to you and your family.

  • sj

    Every city should allow it’s citizens to make the choice to not fluoridate their water system. Fluoride gets stronger when you heat the water so, cooking or bathing in it sounds fun doesn’t it? They don’t tell you this but when you find this out, it’s disgusting considering all the other chemicals and drugs that ride in on your tap water to keep it clean for drinking.

    I buy Whole Foods RO spring water by the gallon to cook and drink. It isn’t suppose to have Fluoride in it.

    Supposedly, it’s all for low income families benefit who supposedly don’t go to the dentist. Do they actually know this for a fact? Education and dental preventative measures for all people are better than fluoridating them like sheep! I bet even low income people would choose to forgo the fluoride than know they’re drinking it for a lifetime.

    • Nefertum Maat Ra

      I absolute agree as I have a low income household, and yes we go to the dentist…I also make my own toothpaste for this same reason…to say it’s for the benefit of low income families is an excuse to continue to poison us all…I’m looking for a water purifying system like this because I found out brands like Brita/Pur doesn’t filter out the flouride and also stopped by bottled water because the plastic used is now brought to my awareness as being toxic…and they wonder why ppl are startingvto believe all these conspiracy theories about the government trying to forcebly keep us brain dead. Glad to know someone still has a brain to know that their low income families needing fluoride bit is a crock of bs.

      • sj

        Good for you! There is a few water systems that takes out the fluoride. Google it. It’s more costly than Britta,etc. because it uses a special filter to remove the fluoride.

        I don’t believe Wholefoods’s water is toxic. There’s been no indication from anyone that it is. It uses Reverse Osmosis and has no fluoride.

        My city was trying to determine if they should stop fluoridation but all the local dentist told them to continue it.

        I wrote a City Council member and she said ‘they only take the advice of the local dentist’..meaning, not from the people (like me) who pay their salaries with real estate taxes! They assume we’re not able to challenge the dentist, who know absolutely nothing about the body and long term fluorides affects on it besides documentation on fluoride not really protecting teeth from cavities.

        I haven’t had fluoride in my system in over a year and I have No cavities. I had a cavity when I drank fluoridated water so did my husband and children and we are super brushes, flossers and eat little sugar,etc . I won’t even let the hygienist use the polishing paste because it has fluoride.

    • sasha

      Oh, great! so now I will stop taking showers and baths! I did not think about that at all. Crap! So now I need to do some research on how and how much fluoride gets absorbed into the body through the skin. Because up to now, I did not trust the bottled water I was boiling water at home! Goodness!

  • Brick

    There is no evidence fluoride has any benefit on dental health. Remember, this is being put in our water by the same people who corroborate with the banks to control society. If you think for a second there is a single health benefit of poisoning your water supply with fluoride then you are out of your mind.

    • Sarah Walton

      I agree Brick. Where do you live? I wish Brisbane, Australia, had given Queenslander’s a choice because the majority of us said no to flouride. What humans subject eachother to for the sake of greed is unbelievable and F’d up!!

      • Steevg

        Can someone please tell me . . .”HOW” does ingested Fluoride protect the outer layer of the teeth? If it’s ingested, it’ll feed the inner tooth and not the outer, I understand there’s been research to show that Fluoride actually reduces bone density when ingested? What the heck are our politicians and local advisors doing to us?

        I’d like to know what’s the benefit of polluting our water? Why don’t the big pharma’s produce a fluoride pill, so that those in favour of ingesting this poison can take it knowingly. Maybe saving money by not putting it into our drinking water, could fund the purchasing and supply of fluoride pills to those wishing to take them daily.

        I wonder how many of our politicians & advisors would subscribe to regular pill taking of this terrible substance if they had to swallow it every day to “protect” their teeth? And would they recommend Fluoride pills to their children and families?

        • Mike K

          Ingesting fluoride protects your teeth by being in the bloodstream while the teeth are being made. The tooth crystallizes in the presence of fluoride and therefor is stronger. It should be the right level of fluoride. Calcium Hydroxyapatite (the crystal that makes teeth and bones strong) is strongest when a little fluoride is incorporated into the crystals. This is not something “New” – rather, teeth and bones are strongest with a little fluoride because it is naturally present in oceans, at just the right level, right where bones and teeth first evolved.
          Please be kind to me – i support fluoridation but I don’t want to fight about it. My post above was information to answer Steevg’s question.

          • Thanks Mike for your thoughtful comment.

          • Nunya

            Mike, that does sound good, BUT, as you wrote, the RIGHT level of fluoride is key and the MAJOR issue with our drinking water being fluoridated is that there is NO way to control the “dose” (ie – the amount) that we are consuming when drinking fluoridated water. This in itself is why I am against our gov’t forcing fluoridated water upon its citizens. We should have a choice & be able to better control our fluoride intake (without having to rely upon expensive alternatives, ie – filtration systems, bottled water, etc).

          • Nancy Medley

            I don’t mean to be unkind, but there are many ways to get fluoride if you choose to do so, but to be forced to ingest it is wrong. I had no idea this was a worldwide issue. I assume, I have been drinking fluoridated water all of my life, brushed and flossed, and yet in my late 50’s my teeth are decayed severely. I guess the fluoride in my drinking water didn’t do it’s intended job. Of course, it has likely done irreparable damage to my body in many other ways. We should have a choice.

          • truthseekerr

            Exactly. Should the government be making health choices for me? NO

          • Nikki

            Diet has a lot to say about dental health too. Dunno if is too late, but look into D-vitamin diet for dental health. Supposedly cod liver oil should help …. Google will probably yield results 🙂

          • grayjohn

            You’re wrong. That’s as kind as I can be.

          • Lisasc

            The critical point is “while the teeth are being formed”. During childhood. Another critical point is ” a little fluoride”. How much is a “little”? Another point is which form of fluoride? A person gets enough fluoride from their diet.

          • Bobbi Phillips Devine

            so wrong Mike. Fluoride is POISON. Dont go to sites that are govt controlled like wikipedia. Read, read, read. It has no place in society. Hitler used it in his camps to ‘dumb down & sedate’ the people. #BanFluoride

          • yoshi saidit

            Oh thats good, since humans are done making teeth at age 12. bottom line is, it’s not the govs choice to contaminate anyone thru any vessel

          • Clay Rosson

            In all kindness, I wish you were correct. Calcium is what makes our bones and teeth strong. Calcium is an essential nutrient. Fluoride exposure increases metabolic requirement for Calcium & Vitamin D. Fluoride accumulation leads to unmineralized bone. In other words Fluoride makes our bones brittle and weak. This information is sited in at lease 18 medical journals. One source is: Jowsey J, et al. (1972) ” Some results of the effect of fluoride on bone tissue in osteoporosis.” Journal of Clinical Endocrinology 28:869-874

          • newWolforder

            lol wake up its poisoning you

          • Ken Rogoway

            Mike, assuming what you say is correct (and I am not disputing it), then once you have your adult teeth there is ZERO benefit to having fluoride in the bloodstream. The only benefit is having that “right” amount when you are young. So why flood the public water with tons of fluoride?

          • Toni J Chambers

            You might expect it to be in mothers milk then if this was the case?

          • kkh

            Oh Mike. The fluoride that is in toothpaste and this poison that is LITERALLY a toxic by-product from mining are two VERY different things. You support fluoridation? Do some research, and you probably change your mind.

          • Mark Wilson

            I hope you’re right. And maybe its a ‘everything in moderation’ kinda thing (which is being disclosed to us already). Maybe the flouride in teas and grapes and w.e provide us with enough already with the added health boost needed in vitamins and antioxidants etc. Think id still like to have the choice myself though. Especially when we are talking about our most valuable resource.

          • Vincent Nash

            Mike. Can you tell me how the right level stays the same when one cooks with tap water. Much of the water is boiled away while cooking and making coffee. Is the fluoride still the right level?. What do you think? Just asking..

          • Bongo Fury

            you support all the other detrimental effects of flouride such as brain and kidney damage ?

        • Talko

          I can tell you. The U.S. Gets PAID to disperse massive amounts of toxic hazardous waste (hydrofluosilic acid, not the fluoride of 50 years ago) into our water. The hazardous waste is SO toxic and SO expensive to dispose of that WE take it and slowly dumb down our population with it. It’s criminal really.

        • Mark Wilson

          World Health halved recommended dosage recently (from memory, look it up). Is that an admittance they were wrong? And well said above. We have a tablet for vitamins, calcium and everything else but there is obviously very little consumer market for this poison. I could understand if it was added to purify the water. Have I missed the memo on that part? Only logical answer imo.

          • rita thomas

            Yes, this is what I think is funny, (not laughing funny, odd and malicious) They seem to be touting this as a cure for tooth decay for years. However the chemicals which they are using to stew up this “flouride” are chemicals in which people must wear hazmat gear to work with. Then it is slurried with industrial waste. F——n scary–scary that we have been drinking this, our children, pets, etc etc. for years as if it were int here to protect us from bad teeth? I might add, this is a worldwide horror! Why would they do this? I think you might have a clue. The dosage goes up and up.

      • Helper


    • rickeng3

      Or you have already drunk too much fluoridated water………..Rick

    • Locorogue

      same with vaccines

  • Lynn755

    It’s not for dental care even dentist will tell you to spit out the toothpaste do to the fluoride…..remember the Romans used lead piping for their drinking water system even though they knew it was bad for humans. Seems like control is the issue not concern for poor children or our teeth.

  • Nick Jones

    For all the people who are serious about getting fluoride out of our water, I would be honored to form a group and possibly one day, be able to get this poison out of our most essential element to a healthy life, water. It is truly ridiculous that things like this are going on and it enrages me to think people are getting away with it. So if anyone else is pissed off about this enough to take action, let me know because I think everyone deserves clean, unpoisoned water.

    • sasha

      I am in! I think it’s absolutely illegal and a very unethical thing to do. Whatever we can do as a community; we should do because we all have a right to have access to safe and chemical free things. Let me know what’s the next step and I will follow you. Thanks!

  • Emily

    I just wanted to add; Flouride is not an element. Everyone gets confused, the element flourine becomes flourIDE when it is bonded with another element. (Remember from chemistry adding ide makes it a bond. CALCIUM flouride is very beneficial for our teeth and bones. SODIUM flouride is toxic. Can anyone take a gander at which one is in our tap water? Sodium flouride! That’s another way to confuse the general public; by simply using the word flouride; when simply saying “flouride” is chemically incorrect. The leaders see the general population as a collective burden; they do now see us as individuals or care about us. The sooner everyone realizes this, the quicker we can start a revolution. My generation was twice the size of the baby boomers, imagine what we could get accomplished if we all just opened our eyes.

    • Martin

      You’re right. On my box for toothpaste it say Sodium Fluoride and “Warnings : Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. (just when their little are forming and would need it the most.) If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.”

      Does that sound like an item you feel safe and healthy ingesting? Why would anyone think it was safe to put in water when you should not swallow your toothpaste?

    • Mike Roeder

      THANK YOU!!!

  • Joey

    Catch rain water. That’s an option. Put up plastic sheeting in a field or on your own property and create in sort of like to run off in to a glass container. I say glass because I’ve been told plastic can mess with your drinking fluids. Idk I’d just use glass if it were an option..seems kinda natural its just melted sand moving at an extremely slow rate of speed! But yeah you usually only get a couple inches per square feet in a good daily raining but extend that a 50 feet or plus and it’ll add up I’d use natural surroundings such as trees. Just makes sense to work with the environment.

  • Marian David

    If you want to remove fluoride the best filter that works is a ZeroWater, but that is not always fool proof and won’t remove fluoride built up in your body. To do this, you need Sodium Tetraborate, (BORON sold as Borax 20 Mule Team Laundry Booster) it is banned in the US for consumption but studies all show it is a healthy part of the diet and it is in some fruits and veggies. You need to buy Borax and put a tiny bit into your drinking water and it will make the Fluoride particles inert and will pull it out of the body too to be passed through. Do some research but this is VERY important stuff to buy! I have been detoxing it from my life, Tom’s toothpaste without it and mouthwash without it, don’t take super long showers as it’s absorbed through skin, and drink lots of water treated with Sodium Tetraborate! I feel AMAZING after 2 weeks and really this is the only compound that actively goes after fluoride, not just water filters that try to avoid it with okay results. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Martin

      Thanks, I will pass your suggestion to my wife.

    • Clay Rosson

      This is some great advise for removal of already absorbed Fluoride. Did you know you can install a Fluoride tank. The activated Alumina media within the tank will absorb Fluoride for bathing water. It is a bit pricey, but people choose to install the tank to the main water line coming into the home.

  • truthseekerr

    brush, floss, exercise and eat right. These are provable to be beneficial to health and teeth. Flouride is a government scam that allows big businesses to dump there waist right down our throat.

  • Mark Fuxanerd

    Fluoride should never be added to water. If I want to take care of my teeth I will brush them or use mouthwash with fluoride but if I drink up to 3 liters of water a day then I’m getting all that unwanted flouride and god knows whatever else the sorry ass government decides they want to put in it. I am so sick of so many dangerous things the fda allows to be put in our food and water. I was looking for bottle water that wasn’t acidic since just about all bottle water is below ph of 7 so I finally went with Crystal geyser alpine spring water and now I find out it has “natural reoccurring” flouride in it and its up to .07 ppm which is still to high. I mean wtf is wrong with this world? I thought all that was suppose to be filtered out. The FDA doesn’t know shit. I mean one day something is good for your then its bad then it’s good. The government makes themselves look like a bunch of incompetent assholes. Their clueless but yet they get paid the big bucks to pretend they know what’s going on. All these billions dollar funding bills they waste on acting like they have a clue what’s good for use but they don’t and frankly i think they don’t care. We need to stand up as a people and replace these elected officials with someone that will be honest. I’m guess I’m going to just start drinking filter rain water or something.

  • Most reverse osmosis systems require a constant flow of water to clean and flush their membranes. This water is disposed of as waste water. Between 50-80% of the water entering the water treatment system can be disposed of as waste water, something referred to as concentrate (because the contaminants are concentrated in this stream of water). The amount of water produced by the system for drinking is called the recovery rate (the amount of good water recovered from the original water source). If you receive a water bill each month or quarter like most of us do, you would be paying for all of the water your RO system sends down the drain.

  • Marty S Conn

    The big cases of 24/32 bottles of best choice water are filtered by reverse osmosis. One of the best ways to get it out.

  • gonzalo neymar

    How can i remove fluoride from my tap water efficiently? I read the article but what would you say is the best method and where do i get the system from?

  • ravenbloodommo

    if you want to clean your teeth safely, use baking soda and peroxide, you may choose to add mints, spearmints essential oils, make sure they are food grade,, No, Fluoride doesn’t do Anything in the blood but Toxifye it, and Yes, It Is distributed in the water any 1 with any questions can reach me at my twitter” venus eve eves”, and we can bring the discussion Right back here folks where it belongs.

  • Tao

    Dental cavities can heal. Calcium in enamel allows this. Fluoride replacing calcium makes enamel harder – this is actually not useful. It makes the tooth unable to rebuild where there are cavities.

  • LiSaia

    I dont think the govt should be making this decision at all for anyone to put flouride in water. What I do believe is that anyone who wants to suck down a bout of flouride should be allowed to if they want, but those who dont shouldnt be forced to. I dont think it should be a “Each city’s decision” either. What I think is that it should be a person by person decision. Make flouride available to buy off the shelf with proper instructions and let the people who want to buy it get it. Personally, I havent drank regular water in a long time because I dont know where is a trustworthy reputable source for water. I dont drink tap, I dont drink bottled, I dont drink restaurant. I just dont trust anywhere for it. Ive only drank mineral water from glass bottles for the past 3 years. The cost- sucks but it satisfies enough.

    Im just that against flouridated water. I hate it, It tastes nasty as heck. Its aggravating and sad not to know where to turn just to get a natural source of something your body needs. And its ridiculous

    I want clean water. Not meddled with water. Why on earth is the govt meddling in water affairs when it should be obvious to keep it natural? Why cant they just focus on problems theyre actually needed to focus in?!

    • sasha

      So, mineral water stored in glass bottles does NOT have fluoride or other harmful chemicals?

      • LiSaia

        Google’d answer~
        Where does mineral water come from?
        Origins. Mineral water comes from natural sources like wells, pure and rich in minerals. Unlike tap water that receives different treatments before human consumption, mineral water is bottled directly from the source, without adding any chemical elements

  • Unbiased

    Yes. Democrats are definitely this country’s problem. LMAO

  • Exception confer rule! Good on them.

  • Coconut

    RO systems work ok, but you can have problems with bacteria in any filtration system, including the gravity fed ones, as I did with my old RO system, and yes it uses a lot of water. It doesn’t need electricity just enough water pressure.
    Distillation does work well and you don’t have bacteria problems, the idea that the water is somehow bad is a arguable, your body doesn’t get minerals from water hardly anyways it comes from your food, but you can add some salt or minerals back into distilled water for flavor or Ph balance.

  • Soos Arnu

    And the same goes for vaccinations, the government makes a profit of every vaccine is given. There’s a reason why pharmaceutical companies are not liable for any harm they might cause.

  • raymondschep

    Rooibos tea DOES NOT have high levels of fluoride or at least I cannot find any assays to prove this. Please back your claims with valid assays of Rooibos tea. In the following data I found it has some of the lowest values for herbals..
    Rooibos tea contains the following

    Nutrients : Per 200ml

    Iron 0.07mg.

    Potassium 7.12mg

    Calcium 1.09mg

    Zinc 0.07mg

    Magnesium 0.04

    Fluoride 1.57mg

    Manganese 0.04mg

    Sodium 6.16mg

    Other teas also contain Fluoride shown in the table below.

    180.16mg/kg Coarse Tea
    72.62-89.02mg/kg Green Tea
    71.11mg/kg Refined Green Tea
    30-340 mg/kg Black Tea(16 samples)
    4.57mg/l Tea
    1.01-5.20mg/l De-caffeinated Teas
    2.58-3.69mg/l Milk Tea(fr.Brick Tea)
    77mg/kg Pu’er Brick Tea
    441mg/kg Bianxiao Brick Tea
    6.0-6.9mg/kg Herbal Teas
    7.8mg per cup 1 Cup Black Tea
    15.6mg/L “Wisdom of the Ancients” Instant Green Tea
    2.95mg/L Dr. Oetker Black Tea
    3.99mg/L Apicha Black Tea

  • Kim

    Thanks for the article and discussion on fluoride removal. It should be noted that many RO systems for home use do not require electricity. Many use the water pressure from the feed line to filter. For lower water pressure systems, a permeate pump can be used, and this would require electricity.

  • Sabrina Burgen

    According to Thinking Humanity, the pineal gland is responsible for astral voyages…

  • Robert Westwood

    anyone with children noticing the pea brain curriculum taught to our children now as opposed to how and what they taught you when you were a kid, not that the mish mash non-sense we learned was of any real witt

  • Misty

    I appreciate this space mate. Growing up, I was warned toothpastes were bad to ingest… Then I figured it was fluoride, sodium or calcium reasons. Now it is in the water I consume, and the animals… I am afraid to move out of the current dwelling I reside in. If I did move, I would travel to find a nice place, but on the road there is only access to fluorination.
    One, lets riot, because I am in fear for the generations and thyself, fear is the root of anger.
    Two, let us write to the “authorities”, which are not at all that authentic in my opinion, demand money to pay for our choice they’ve infringed upon.
    Three, we have social media, this is one of our means of uniting since the masses are confused in result of thus.
    Four, be positive, our mind is the yoUNIVERSE. I love you with the means to make you feel better folks.

    • I think social media is a good place to focus. Information put out in a reasoned way is powerful.
      Thanks for your comment, sorry I am so long in replying!

  • jessicag

    Water does not expire. It does not have any chemicals to mix with. It is basically inert. And even if you had to leave the water in vacuum for billion years, it would be still good to drink.

  • Charles Pineda

    Several studies indicate FLORIDE is killing Americans in a slow, and pernicious way. The scientist who did the study for the aluminium industry reported that mice didn’t get cavities, but in humans the floride would affect the human organs after twevle years of age! One study indicate dementia is a latent effect of floride use.

    That is why the people of Oregon voted out the use of this by-product of the aluminium industry.

    Prior to the scientis’st report the aluminium industry was paying big monies to have the by-product hauled away. In my opinion, I guess the industry was getting tired of paying to have the aluminium floride hauled to the dump, and decided let’s get some scientist to experiment with this by-product and see what it can be used for, and make some money on it.

    The state of Oregon is using a cheap and extremely effective blue light technology to sanitized their water. It is clear, safe, and healthy. In fact while visiting a Cousin in Roseburg, Oregon the water was so good, fresh, clear, cold and healthful that I had plenty of it!

    I commend the people of Oregon for taking on the multi- billion dollar floride industry and beating them at the polls!

    The people had a tiger by the tail as the Floride entities have a kind of monopoly on water sanitation which produce billions of dollars they can use to fight the blue light water advocates. And they have all kinds of pro-floride actors,dentist, dental associations and public relations firms to fight the blue light technology.

    If you have any doubt of the power of Floride vested interest groups just ask the people of Oregon, look at the TV commercial’s during the voting period, and just figure the kind of money one would need to pay for all those high powered commercials.

    In conclusion,look up the blue light technology and how it gives us pure, safe, drinking water. Here in California I may have to run for Governor again and make it a campaign for eliminating a drug from our water.

    My best,
    Charles “Chuck” Pineda, Jr.
    Democratic candidate for Governor of California, 1986-2010, and maybe 2018.

    • Thanks for your comment Chuck. I want to follow up on this, and am passing this on to our editor for review.

      • Charles Pineda

        Greg: Thanks. I read about the scientist about twenty-five year years ago.
        My best,
        Chuck Pineda

      • Charles Pineda

        Greg: The materials use by the citizens of Oregon to use super effective BLUE LIGHT RAYS TO sanitize water instead of deadly floride are still available.
        It’s simply unbeliveable how a well educated group of Oregon citizens could take on the big money of the floride industry, which included dental groups, the families that control floride production, toothpaste companies, actors who were paid well to denounce the blue light technology, bankers with investments in floride, and bought out politicians.

        We in California should do the same. This floride drug is seriously causing too make ailments in our population, however, the above groups of self-centered and money hungry corporations and their minions are going to fight it tooth and nail.

  • Lisa Catkin

    So distilled water is good since floride does not evaporate well and why do you not mention Ozonation ?

  • Benni

    I want a jug in my kitchen to remove fluoride, but they only remove around 90% and this is not enough. I want ALL removed. I use a lot of water per day; drinking, cooking, rinsing sprouts and salads. I need lots of water every day with NO fluoride. Is this possible? (Ps I live in the U.K)

    • We use the Berkey system for these purposes and it seems sufficient. It needs to be refilled every 2 – 3 days or so.

      • Benni

        If I win the lottery I will get one. Until then I have about three pounds a week to live on after bills

  • Fyodor Galmukov

    Black, green, and red tea ALL contain fluoride!
    2/3 of USA water contains fluoride.
    There is no Empirical Evidence that fluoride in USA water is negative effect Whatsoever on human.

  • Lisa Sims

    Check out Dr. David Brownstein’s book “Iodine, why you need it, why you can’t live without it”. Fluoride, Bromine, Chlorine and all the toxic halogen chemicals bond to iodine receptor sites and cause us to have an iodine deficiency. Bromine is used as a bread dough conditioner! (Iodine used to be used as the bread dough conditioner until some goofy doctors thought we would all o/d on it-wrong. So they switched to a poison instead!) I have been setting my tap water out for 24 hours before drinking it like we used to do for fish bowls. I logged on to find out if I was getting rid of the fluoride as well as the chlorine-guess not. Guess I’ll just go back to buying spring water in 5 gallon returnable jugs (and ask for the analysis).

    Also, the RDA of 150 mcg/day of iodine is way too low, maybe enough to prevent goiter but no where near enough to supply the body’s other needs, detox us from halide poisons, and prevent breast, ovarian and prostate cancers (the sex organs use and need iodine as much as the thyroid gland!)

    My doctor couldn’t even order me the “urinary iodine spot test” that the World Health Organization uses around the world to test populations for iodine deficiency. The US population experienced a 400% increase in individuals with iodine deficiency between 1970 and 1990. We need MILLIGRAMS of the stuff everyday, not micrograms (and not the orange stuff you put on your skin, its toxic).

    Dr. David Williams web site shows a home iodine check where you put the orange stuff on your skin at bedtime and if the color’s gone in the morning you’re iodine deficient. Not sure if I want to put something toxic on my skin either.

    I guess the powers that be are OK with 80% or more of us being severely iodine deficient and getting heart disease, cancers, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, premature aging, early death, etc., etc. If we all weren’t so sick, how could the make their money. Or maybe they just feel they are leveling the playing field. We American’s have all the Freedom and all the Stuff, the rest of the world gets adequate Iodine.

    One more note the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) blood test only picks up on 2 to 5% of hypothyroid conditions (high TSH means low thyroid). The T4 blood test is no better. They usually won’t offer you the T3 test which is the active form of thyroid hormone unless you demand it. But that’s the one that can show you are low if the other 2 are normal. You can also check your basal temperatures first thing when you wake up in the morning before getting out of bed or doing anything (have the thermometer shook down the night before). Check it for 10 days straight. If you’re around 97 degrees or lower, you’re low.

  • Bruce Zietlow

    What good is a dead body with good teeth.Dentist of America, were you told Florida was good? Or did you do your own studies??? Where has the common sense gone….

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