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How Do We Get to Sustainability Street?

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21,500 kilometers, 20 countries, in search of solutions for sustainable living.

By Bruno Cerpa Moreno and Lana Meeusen Posted Jul 8, 2015

How can we live our daily lives in a way that is more sustainable for ourselves, our environment, our economies and our societies? And what is actually sustainable (and what is not)? The need for a drastic change towards more long-term thinking is high, but many people don’t know where to start.

In view of finding an answer to these questions and needs, Peruvian Bruno Cerpa Moreno and Belgian Lana Meeusen conceived an ambitious one-year project: ‘Searching for Sustainability Street: 21.500 km. 20 countries. 1 documentary’. They will undertake a long journey to discover how people all over Europe and Asia put sustainability into practice, while they travel overland from Western Europe to South East Asia in a slow and ecological way. Hitchhiking, camping, hospitality of locals, volunteering, traveling responsibly, it will all be part of this adventure. By visiting neighborhood projects, NGO’s, intentional communities, companies and individual initiatives, they will learn valuable lessons about methods to live more sustainably from people in the field. These lessons will be shared with you through a blog and a documentary. Because although the world is big and cultures differ largely, many people must join hands to make efforts for a better future for all of us.

Documenting sustainability

The blog and the documentary that Bruno and Lana will make based on this journey will represent the findings from this immersion. This way, they hope to inspire others to think critically about their habits and consumption patterns. Throughout the entire trip, the latest project developments and acquired information will be made available on the blog, together with travel stories and photographs. Regular updates on the evolution of the making of the documentary will be put on this page as well.

The documentary itself will provide a close insight into success stories of people involved with sustainability in different degrees of intensity and in rural and urban settings. This can range from a clerk building an ecological holiday house in Romania to members of permaculture communities on the countryside in Thailand.


Spreading the message

Since the main objective of the project is sensitization about living more sustainably, the documentary will serve as a means to inform people about this subject. Therefore, after the completion of the project, the documentary will be sent to film festivals and will be distributed through various media channels. The documentary will also be used in workshops, classes and presentations about sustainable living, which we are planning to offer schools and cultural centers in the months following our journey.

The wide variety of visited initiatives practicing sustainability will show the readers and watchers that it is possible to live more sustainably in different ways and in different settings. For this lifestyle isn’t necessarily about secluding yourself from the modern world to live in harmony with nature. You don’t need to hop into a time machine back to the early 1900s to be able to live in a more sustainable way. You can incorporate sustainability into your current lifestyle by making small changes and this project will show you how.

Talking money

The method of financing is in line with the ideas behind the project: Bruno & Lana chose to crowdfund the project, that is, raising money through the Internet by private donors. This innovative way of financing is independent from governments and companies, since there are no subventions or sponsoring involved. Moreover, it focuses on the sensitization of the man in the street, because they are the main donors. This bottom-top approach, that is not only visible in the financing, but that forms the red line throughout the project, allows the readers and watchers to be closely involved. For this project is about your future, about our future.

Do you feel concerned with these issues? Does this project appeal to you? You can learn more about Bruno and Lana’s journey and also make a donation on Your support is more than welcome and highly appreciated.


Who’s who?

Bruno Cerpa Moreno and Lana Meeusen are two enthusiastic world citizens with a heart for sustainability.

After completing his film studies and living and working in various places throughout Europe for several years, Bruno ended up in Leuven, Belgium. There, he met Lana, a 28-year old globetrotter who was adapting to Belgian life again after a 6 month solo travel through South East Asia. Even though their life plans were going in different directions at the time they met, their ideas and dreams about sustainability soon started to come together. Both wanting to live in a more sustainable way and wanting to share this learning process with the world, they developed this project step by step. They are ready to take the leap, and hope that others will follow.

This project has as patron the award-winning Belgian film and television maker Nic Balthazar.

Thank you for following our story. We hope to reward your interest with information, examples and inspiration from individuals across many countries who share a commitment to learning how better to live sustainably.

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