Looking for a green gift to share with a loved one or colleague? Explore our selection of seasonal eco-friendly ideas!

Get ready to sprinkle some seasonal holiday magic with our Christmas giving guide. This year, we’re all about gifts that make your home and garden more eco-friendly. From cozy indoor essentials to garden goodies, our guide is packed with thoughtful, planet-friendly options. Give and grow this holiday season, one green gift at a time.

What makes a gift sustainable?

Besides being made from eco-friendly materials, we look for products that meet one or more of the following criteria when searching for the perfect gifts to feature in our guide:

  • Made from local, recycled or repurposed materials
  • Gives back to the environment or helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Is fully compostable at the end of its lifespan

We think you’ll agree, these products are worth sharing!

Gifts under $50

Beeswax candles

Nothing lights up the season like pure beeswax candles. We love the fragrance and the quality of light, and appreciate the absence of toxins. Pictured above are green paired tapers, along with our sculpted pine cone candles, available in three sizes. Made in the USA.

christmas tree grow kit

Christmas tree grow kit

Cultivate joy in your home by growing a future yuletide tree. Made in the USA, the kit features seed for a fragrant balsam fir (Abies balsamea), along with growing medium, perlite, a mini-greenhouse, and instructions. No experience needed!

reusable glass coffee cup

Reusable glass coffee cup

Love your daily java but worry about the trash produced? Kick the waste habit with a reusable cup that protects your hand from the heat while preserving all the flavor. Available in two sizes and eleven colors. Perfect for brewed coffee, lattes, and teas.

artisan bamboo cutting board

Bamboo cutting boards

Looking for a gift that epitomizes usefulness? Cutting boards made from sustainably harvested bamboo are both practical and elegant. Hand finished with natural, food-safe wood oil, these cutting boards are sturdy and beautiful.

Gifts under $100

vita grow light

Houseplant grow light bulb

Have a plant parent on your list? The Vita grow light (pictured above) works in all regular light sockets to provide the illumination plants need over the winter and beyond.

dual tray worm composter

Dual tray worm composter

For the true recycler! Eartheasy’s worm composter is an easy-to-use, indoor-outdoor bin that helps you transform kitchen waste into compost with no nasty odor. Removable trays let you stack up exactly what you need and easily access finished compost for harvesting.

wooden seed storage vault

Wooden seed vault

Help the gardeners on your list keep their seeds organized and at their fingertips. Hand-crafted and finished in Vermont from pine and reclaimed wood, these garnered rave reviews from Eartheasy’s gardening product team. Available in two sizes and multiple designs.

Maine garden hod

Maine garden hod

Another gardening product they can’t live without: leave the dirt and dust behind when you carry or wash produce in this handcrafted basket, made in the USA!

Gifts for the home

All American pressure canner

All American pressure canner

There’s nothing quite like the real thing. That old saying applies here, with the longest-lasting, most durable canner on the market (pictured above). Our Eartheasy editor has been using the same canner for 25 years, and she inherited it from her in-laws who used it for 15 years before that. Now that’s longevity. Made from cast aluminum with precision machined metal-on-metal seals, the All American canner comes in six sizes and is made in the USA.Save 15% now on all sizes by entering ALLAMERICAN15 at checkout!

wool dryer balls

Wool dryer balls

Reduce energy use by 50% while softening your clothes when machine drying. These wool dryer balls are made in Canada from pure merino wool. They can also replace dryer sheets thanks to their wrinkle-smoothing properties. Add a few drops of essential oil to the balls for added fragrance.

indoor grow planter

Indoor grow planters

Keep tropical plants healthy or grow edibles indoors! These fully illuminated planters provide everything your seedlings and plants need to produce lush, healthy growth day after day. Expand your indoor gardening for year round growth.

beeswax wraps

Beeswax wraps

Replace plastic wrap, baggies, and other forms of disposable kitchen coverage with these reusable, rinseable wraps. Made from organic cotton infused with pure beeswax, the wraps bend and cling where needed to keep food fresh. Simply press and form!

Gifts for kids

baby humbug socks

Recycled cotton baby socks

Spun from recycled cotton yarn, these beautiful baby and toddler socks (pictured above) keep toes warm all day long. As any parents know, two is never enough, so we include five with each order–two pairs and a spare–to make your day easier!

fairy house building kit

Fairy house kits

Inspire hours of open-ended, creative play with this kit comprised of completely non-toxic, natural materials. Build, decorate, and activate the imagination with this easy-to-use fairy house kit. Once it’s built, they’re ready to play! Made in the USA for ages 8 and up.

Eco-kids busy box

Busy box

Children love to create, but they don’t need mounds of plastic and short-lived trinkets to activate their imaginations. Enter non-toxic creativity! This box of arts & crafts supplies includes 2 containers of finger paints, a six pack of hop scotch chalk, and a canister of 12 colored pencils to kickstart a child’s imagination.

Jack's magic beans garden kit

Fairytale garden

Spark curiosity and fun with these fairytale garden kits. Based on classic fairytales, The Princess and the Pea and Jack and the Beanstalk, these kits inspire little ones to plant their very own seeds and watch them grow into a fairytale garden!

Gifts for the gardener

garden supplies on table

hummingbird scatter garden

Scatter garden seed kits

Looking for a way to share the love of pollinators while expanding their habitat? These mini-garden kits include seeds from selected flowers that encourage hummingbirds or honeybees to frequent the garden. Scatter in a prepared area and watch the magic happen!

seed saving kit

Seed saving kit

The ultimate in gardening organization: this kit provides everything needed to keep heirloom seeds going strong from year to year. Great for a beginner or a seasoned seed saver, help them experience the joy of preserving their favorite plants.

GreenStalk vertical planter

GreenStalk planter

Lacking space but still wanting to grow your own food or flowers? The GreenStalk vertical planter maximizes your growing area while creating a beautiful focal point in your outdoor space. Available in 5- or 7-tier options, this growing wonder makes gardening possible in as little as two square feet!

A-frame trellis

A-frame trellis

Elevate the gardening experience with these gorgeously crafted trellises made in the USA from Oregon cedar. Fragrant and sturdy, these trellises are perfect to extend gardening space vertically for crops like peas, beans, tomatoes and more. Clips are included to keep them in place while also making them easy to shift when needed.

Giving from the heart

No matter how you share the gifts of the season, giving sustainably means more for everyone. For more sustainable giving ideas, visit our shop today!

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