Choose from a selection of sustainable and earth-friendly gifts.

Choosing seasonal gifts doesn’t have to cost the earth. Here is our yearly roundup of gifts that give back while bringing joy. Each one features sustainable materials or an earth-friendly purpose that helps reduce impact while increasing enjoyment.

1. Candle herb garden

Two gifts in one! This aromatic soy candle smells of basil, ginger, and lemon. Burn it down to reveal a stunning grow pot ready for Genovese basil seeds, grow medium, activated carbon and plant food, all included with your purchase. The complete kit makes it easy to grow basil from your window sill or desktop after your candle is finished.


compost keeper composting gift

2. Ceramic compost keeper

Anyone who composts knows that the container where you store your food scraps can get a little smelly. Not any more. The ceramic compost keeper comes with a tight-fitting lid and filter to help diffuse odors. The stainless steel handle makes it easy to carry to your compost bin or pile. Gardeners and environmentalists alike will appreciate this thoughtful gift. It also comes in a blue and white decorative version.

Great reviews: WORTH IT!!!
“I have used old coffee cans and bowls, etc. Purchased this item for a Christmas present for myself. It controls the smell and looks a lot better than a plastic coffee can.” –Tonia B.


large navy blue apron

3. Hemp Denim Apron

This classic apron made from 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton will be a hit with anyone who likes to cook. The durable material comes with an adjustable neck strap and large front pockets to hold tools and recipes. Hemp has four times the durability of other natural fibers. It’s also naturally anti-microbial and mildew resistant, which makes it great for the kitchen. Give as is or add a DIY design of your own.

Great reviews: Fantastic Quality
“Very happy with the amazing quality of the hemp fiber. The apron is very easy to clean and dries surprisingly quickly compared to other aprons. Overall great product!” –Nathan K.


24-7 reusable grocery bags

4. Reusable shopping bags

Anyone who wants to reduce their impact will love these convenient shopping bags designed with the earth in mind. Made from durable ripstop nylon, these bags are perfect for toting in your purse or car for all your shopping needs. Their built-in stretchy pouch lets them tuck into a ball in seconds–then back to a bag again. A variety of fun colors makes them ideal for everything from groceries to gym clothes.

Great reviews: Cute and sturdy.
“The bag is perfect as a reusable because it’s spacious yet small enough when rolled to fit in my pocket. I’ve washed it after each use which is necessary now and it washes well. Love it and will buy more as gifts.” –Margaret M.


native organic cotton blanket

5. Organic cotton throw blanket

Gifts don’t get more useful than this: these waffle-weave throw blankets are made from 100% organic, color-grown cotton from the USA. They’re woven in a soft palette of earth tones and are durable and large (60 x 90 inches). Not only that: they’re pre-washed and chemical free, perfect for snuggling up and enjoying a cold winter night indoors.


silicone headlamp

6. Silicone head lamp

This amazing headlamp is a great gift for children and adults. Perfect for hiking, biking, walking, reading and running, its streamlined shape casts light at three different intensities up to 130 ft (40 m). Its amazing charging capabilities mean no more batteries–simply plug into a USB port for instant power. Made from lightweight silicone, its accent colour comes in four options (lime, blue, grape, and coral).


home décor beeswax candles

7. Beeswax pinecone candles

Nothing quite compares to the smell of beeswax. These festive little candles emit a subtle, honey-like fragrance as they burn. Share a holiday glow with friends, family, or co-workers when you choose one of three colors and sizes that burn from 24 to 50 hours. Add to a gift basket or give alone. Cotton wicks complement the natural, paraffin-free materials.

Great reviews: I love all of your products!
“The beeswax pinecone candles smell wonderful! They are also very pretty and will be perfect for any time of year including Christmas. I love your other candles as well and plan to order more.”


8. Recycled cotton socks

Get into the spirit by giving something useful that reflects the season. Knit in the USA using recycled cotton thread, these cute socks will keep feet warm and comfortable all year round. They are machine washable and colorfast, along with being certified free of harmful toxins. They also come in baby sizes. If you prefer bright colors, try out these other shades.

Great reviews: I bought these as a Christmas gift
“I bought these as a Christmas gift for my daughter. She loves them. I purchased 2 pairs (recycled cotton) last year for my wife, and another 2 pairs for her and her sister this year. They make great gifts and seem to be loved by all… thanks.” –Kenneth B.


non-toxic play dough

9. Eco-dough for kids

Break out the bold and beautiful colors: it’s craft time! Little hands will love this soft and pliable, all-natural alternative to modeling clay. Parents will love the worry-free playtime free from dyes and metals. This non-toxic dough is colored with organic fruit, plant, and vegetable extracts. Plus the dough won’t dry out! Simply add oil to dough left out over night and it’s good as new.


wildflower seed Christmas cards

10. Holiday cards that grow

Instead of recycling this season’s cards, why not plant them? Send unique greetings to friends and family this year using these grow-a-note snowflake cards. Each holiday card is implanted with flower seeds that your loved one can plant once the season is over. The card includes a seed list and instructions on its reverse. Each card is a gift in itself. They also come in different designs.


DIY stuffed animal kit

11. Stuffed Animal Making Kit

Anyone who likes to sew can whip up this simple stuffed animal in a matter of hours. Each kit includes reclaimed wool fabric pre-cut into pattern shapes, along with needle, thread, stuffing, eyes, and instructions. When the penguin is finished, turn the box into an igloo home! Recommended for ages 8 and up, this little kit includes everything you need to make the perfect bedtime buddy. You can also get an owl variety. Made in Canada from 100% reclaimed fabrics.


12. Beeswax sphere candles

These beautiful candle spheres are handcrafted from 100% pure beeswax. Give to those who enjoy illuminating a room or table and watch the luminous glow. The natural honey-sweet fragrance adds a delicate touch to any room. The candles burn clean and are free from paraffin. Each 4-inch candle will burn for over 50 hours.

Great reviews: Gorgeous candles!
“I bought these for myself and to use as hostess gifts. They are really beautiful!”-Susan


zero waste travel utensil set

13. Travel utensil set

Help someone in your life ditch the plastic that comes with eating on-the-go. This portable utensil set can be tucked into a purse or briefcase and produced instantly when needed for takeout. It’s also handy for camping or picnicking. Plus, the smooth bamboo is wrapped in a soft cork case to protect from dirt and germs. Finished with natural, food-grade oil for a long life, this set is fully compostable at the end of its lifespan.

Great reviews: Way better than a plastic utensil
“It’s really stiff and strong so it lasts way longer and it just feels better to use in your mouth and hand. It’s really a great product.” –Sandra M.


knog power system

14. Modular power system

Save energy and space with a modular power ecosystem that allows you to charge a flashlight, headlamp, speaker and lantern all with a single rechargeable battery. The all-in-one power bank is also power on-the-go for your phone, tablet, or GoPro. Start with one component and add over time to increase energy efficiency and ease. The Knog power system is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, cyclists, and general adventurers.


DIY fairy house set

15. Fairy house building kit

Inspire hours of open-ended creative play with this unique kit. Made from natural materials like moss, bark, seashells, and wood, the kit has been carefully crafted for ages 8 and up. A glue gun and glue sticks are included to provide an easy way to assemble the house. Then it’s up to little hands to decorate with the embellishments provided for a truly unique toy.

Great reviews: DIY Fairy Fort = Best Solstice present ever!
“We got this for our 6 year old. She had wanted something similar to it from the Magic Cabin catalog, but that one was close to $200! This one gives you the necessities plus several extra pieces for fun, and you can go out and search/find and cut all the other little fabulous pieces of nature that you want to add to it over time! My husband and I, and our older daughter, helped her put it together, but where everything went was her idea. She loved putting it together and has loved playing with it since! It’s all very easy, fun, and creative! So glad we were able to find an affordable alternative!” –Sarah

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